We can help to make the database application according to the need / request (we call it Custom Application). This database application does not have to be complete but can per module. The database used can be MS Access database or other database systems such as MS SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle.

Create Custom Apps.

If you encounter problems with your application or database, both MS Access databases and other databases, we can help resolve the problem, or provide the modules necessary to manage an existing database.

If you need to import or input data into the database, we can help. Likewise if you want to export data to another format.

Import / Export
Processing Data
DB Maintenance
Customize Existing

If you have a database application created with MS Access and want to be modified, we can help make modifications (as long as the source is available). If no application source is available, we may create similar applications by utilizing an existing database.

We can take care of your databases, both MS Access databases and other system databases. Database maintenance includes backups, improved data access performance, checking data error, checking hardware fault, updating stats, etc.

We can help to do the data processing for a specific purpose, or create an application that can perform data processing automatically as needed.


If you are dealing with MS Access related needs and / or databases in general, you can count on us to help. "We" in this case not only myself who can do the work, but friends from the community can I ask for help, according to their expertise.

We can add features to existing applications, or add the required functionality that use the same database.

The old apps does not have to be created with MS Access.

Add Features
Database Migration

We can help migrate databases from one system to another, including creating new applications necessary on the new system, building data integration systems, and ensuring the data process can take place as expected.

Automatic Reporting

We can also help create automated reporting systems based on your database. Reports can be displayed on the screen like a dashboard, or sent to recipients via email or SMS.

Database Training

We can also provide training for users in using databases, creating and managing databases, as well as creating database applications. Training is conducted in-house at the place or facilities provided by the company.