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  • Create Custom Database Applications

  • Customize Existing Applications

  • Add Features to Existing Applications

  • Troubleshoot Database Problems

  • Database Maintenance

  • Database Migration

  • Database Training

  • Import / Export Database

  • Processing Data

  • Automatic Reporting

  • Etc.


My name is HAER TALIB.

I am a professional MS Access Developer in Indonesia (Jakarta). I created lots of applications with MS Access, using both Access database and other database systems like MS SQL Server and MySQL.
In addition to running my business in the field of IT,
I also a freelancer to help make database solutions that easy and fast for companies.

In this very fast-changing age, we do not need to find a perfect solution, because it will change as well. We should make solutions that are easy, practical, and able to meet today's needs. With MS Access we can create database solutions and applications that are easy, fast, and can be used immediately.


Many people look for solutions but complicated, time consuming, and eventually become expensive. With MS Access we can create practical, fast, and efficient solutions. MS Access is a powerful database tool from Microsoft. In addition to providing databases, MS Access is also used to manage other databases such as MS SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle.

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